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Author: Makariel Inc
Date: 11/15/2020 09:53 PM
Size: 5.59 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 5944 times

ETAR provides you with free, robust accounting software that helps manage transactions, track multiple accounts, produce invoices and financial documents.

The software’s uses are almost endless, and the fact that it is easy-to-use makes it great for home businesses and small traditional brick and mortar establishments. ETAR can help you manage daily transactions, generate sales orders and invoices, as well as a wide range of reports that will keep you informed of all your accounts. With ETAR, you can limit the amount of time spent processing your transactions by enabling you to produce your sales orders, invoices, and receipts efficiently. The data entry process has been streamlined to limit the time you are inputting data – leaving you the time to continue to do the crucial functions of your business.

Any documents created with ETAR can be shared with Microsoft Excel or even saved to a PDF file. All documents can easily be searched through the entries, or you can find specific ones via the built-in search function. If you need further assistance or you get stuck, ETAR includes a comprehensive help file that should do the trick. ETAR is undoubtedly packed with features for a free app, and if you are running a small business, then anywhere you can save some cash is golden.

ETAR includes the following tools to get the job done:

Sales order
Sales invoice
Credit memo
Export sales doc. to Excel/PDF
Cash application
Linked sales documents
Order/invoicing tracking
Invoice payment tracking system
Copy orders
Multi-level chart of account
Import customers
Import opening balances
Local currency display
Double entry accounting
Journal entry
Guided entry
Easy navigation
Document quick jump
Copy entries
Reverse entries
Store customer details
Statement of account
Customer statement
Financial statements
Advanced filtering
Sales analysis by period
Sales by top customers
Gross Margin and Profit analysis
Expenses analysis
Accounts Receivable Aging
Backup and restore data
Data security control

download ETAR

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