download Epic Games Store Launcher 12.0.1

Author: Epic Games
Date: 01/14/2021
Size: 42.5 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 4167 times

Epic Games Store Launcher is a popular game launcher, store, friends service similar to Steam, Origin, BattleNet, etc.

Epic Games Store Launcher comes as an installer and checks for the latest version and the proper .Net once the installation is complete. An account is required. Finally, after you log in, any games you have can be installed.

The interface sticks to the currently popular dark theme using black and gray colors, which works well because the games stand out when you browse.

From the initial run, you can connect with friends on Facebook, browse free and paid games, check out your library, access settings and downloads, and more.

There are plenty of games available, and we hear some developers are looking for a better platform than Steam. Epic isn’t that yet but has the brand name and size to be a contender.

Editor’s Note:
Sometimes the version for download requires updating in the app, so it appears you downloaded an older version, but that’s what Epic has made available.

download Epic Games Store Launcher 12.0.1

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