download EasyShutdown 2.0.0

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Author: OxyBits Inc.
Date: 06/25/2020 10:59 PM
Size: 1.85 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 309 times

EasyShutdown is a free app that resides in the system tray giving you access to all shutdown options.

EasyShutdown is simple to use. You can right-click to set a shutdown timer in minutes.

Double-click the tray icon and you have the following options:

  • Lock session
  • Log off (now or delayed)
  • Stand by (now or delayed)
  • Restart (now or delayed)
  • Turn off (now or delayed)
  • Settings (Force quit applications or enable shutdown confirmations)EasyShutdown uses an average of 10MB and almost no power or CPU making it perfect for laptops. As always, we would have preferred a portable app.

    If you find yourself frequently logging off, locking, standing by, restarting, or shutting down, then you’re going to love EasyShutdown. EasyShutdown even makes your daily shutdown faster than using the Start menu.


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