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Author: EarTrumpet
Date: 11/05/2020 11:03 PM
Size: 7.48 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
Downloads: 135 times

EarTrumpet is a freeware volume control app for Windows 10.

EarTrumpet begins with a brief animated tutorial, where you can also uncheck sending crash reports. EarTrumpet offers a few settings, but mostly shortcuts.

EarTrumpet runs alongside your current sound settings, and one of the biggest features is the ability to access Legacy settings for the classic Volume Mixer, Playback Devices, Recording Devices, Sounds, and Sound Settings.

Other features include:
Visualize audio with multi-channel aware peaking
Standalone volume mixer
Move apps between playback devices
Default playback device management
Automatic updates via the Microsoft Store
Support for light/dark mode and all accent colors
Configurable hotkeys
Modern context menus
Growing multilingual support

EarTrumpet does a fantastic job of offering many additional sound options and features without clutter or confusion

download EarTrumpet

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