download DisplayFusion 9.7.1

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Author: Binary Fortress Software
Date: 01/02/2021 03:26 PM
Size: 91.6 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 35691 times

DisplayFusion enables you to conveniently manage your multiple monitors with powerful features like multi-monitor taskbars and fully customizable functions.

Easily keep your windows organized by adding a taskbar to each of your separate monitors; it can be quickly configured to show all windows or only the windows located on that particular monitor. You can also use auto-hide, button grouping, shortcuts (pinned applications), window previews, and much more to facilitate a more ergonomic way to work with your application windows.

DisplayFusion’s Window Management feature permits you to move windows between monitors quickly. Whether you prefer to use the simple, middle-click move, or the more advanced maximized window dragging, you will find managing your desktop windows has never been so easy.

DisplayFusion features include; multi-monitor taskbars, desktop wallpaper, precise monitor controls, multiple Windows 8 tweaks, Window snapping/management/location/logon background, multi-monitor screensavers, remote control, and more. It is also available in numerous languages.

DisplayFusion Features:

  • Different image on each monitor
  • Span image across all monitors
  • Span image across selected monitors only
  • Load single images from your computer
  • Load single images from many online sources
  • Load directly from a given image URL (with auto-refresh)
  • 7 Wallpaper sizing options
  • Use solid colors instead of an image
  • Use a color gradient instead of a solid color
  • Image color adjustments (greyscale, sepia, invert, etc.)

The same installer is used for both the Free and the Pro versions. Prices start at $29.00 and include the following additional features:

  • Wallpaper Profiles for saving multiple configurations
  • Custom image position fine tuning per monitor
  • Custom image scaling per monitor
  • Custom image flipping and mirroring per monitor
  • Custom image blurring per monitor
  • Custom image rotation per monitor
  • Custom image info (show wallpaper or system info on the desktop)
  • Load random images from your computer
  • Load random images from many online sources
  • Automatically fix wallpaper if display settings change

download DisplayFusion 9.7.1

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