download Display Changer II 1.7.1

Author: 12noon
Date: 01/08/2021
Size: 598 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 88 times

Display Changer II is a display attribute changer that allows you to run a program then changes back to the original attributes.

Display Changer II will come in handy for gamers who prefer specific display characteristics for their games. But it will also be useful to anyone who has a display preference for specific things like movies, etc. An app such as this helps eliminate manually manipulating the display settings every time you play a game or watch a movie and then change them back for normal operations. Display Changer II does it automatically.

Display Changer II changes the desktop width, height, color depth, refresh rate, and rotation temporarily or permanently (via a configuration file). You can use it to run an application in a specific display resolution and then return to the previous resolution after using that app. It also can change the resolution permanently and rearrange the monitors in a multiple-monitor setup. It can also clone your monitors, extend your desktop to multiple monitors, and configure only the primary PC screen or only the secondary screen.

Display Changer II utilizes configuration files to specify display settings. You can also use it to create configuration files from existing settings, eliminating the need to edit the files yourself. The configuration file specifies every setting for each monitor, including the exact refresh rates needed for home-theater systems.

A help section is located at the author’s site that goes over command-line switches and basic configuration file creation.

At this time, Display Changer II cannot modify the Windows DPI (scaling factor) or HDR settings. There is currently no Microsoft API that offers these features.

download Display Changer II 1.7.1

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