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Author: Eassos Ltd.
Date: 01/26/2021
Size: 61.7 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 15601 times

DiskGenius is an all in one tool for managing partitions along with data recovery, as well as backup and restore functions.

It will efficiently help you recover lost data, resize/split partition, backup files, edit hex data, check bad sectors, manage virtual disks, erase data, etc. The interface lends itself to smooth operation and will be comfortable in use for any skill level. It will detect and display partitions with accompanying data like the file system, ID, capacity, and start and end cylinders. There is also an advanced section that permits you to check the volume label.

DiskGenius is also useful for partition management and allows you to recover data, format, create and delete partitions with ease. Lose a file? No problem; DiskGenius includes tools to recover lost files, partitions, clone partitions, or discs to image files, resize/split partitions, and more. DiskGenius will also allow you to discover bad sectors on your hard disk and then repair them. It will also perform partition table disk error verification, build a virtual RAID, and format USB disks.

Other useful features included are:

-Support NTFS partition whose cluster is larger than 128 sectors
-Add write support for EXT4 file system
-Backup / restore EXT4 partition
-Add menu item to boot to PartitionGuru WinPE version

The Free Edition provides various basic features to manage partitions & disk and recover lost files for both home and commercial users.

download DiskGenius

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