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Author: Cookapp
Size: 1.70 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 1742 times

Disk Space Fan 4 Free is a visual disk space analyzer enabling you to free up disk space by locating and removing large files.

Disk Space Fan 4 Free will display your machine’s disk space usage with an eye-candy ring chart that includes dynamic animation. This ring chart display permits you to navigate the folders easily. It also integrates well with Windows file explorer to open, delete and browse files and folders.

Disk Space Fan 4 Free’s approach to disk space analyzation and cleanup makes the process a little more interesting. This fact is because it has fantastic animation to remove some of the drudgeries that are present with this type of maintenance. With the integrated big and duplicate file finder, your job will be made even easier. All your folders and files are sorted by their size, and duplicate files are side-by-side listed. Additionally, Disk Space Fan 4 Free includes many different filters you can apply to fine-tune the process to your specific needs.

Disk Space Fan 4 Free Features:

  • Scans directories and drives to find out the useless and larger files.
  • Diagram of a flower show in the form of free disk space
  • Browse/open files on rings chart
  • Preview a picture on rings chart
  • Support for Unicode
  • Save scan history
  • Network path support

The free version includes all the above features but you can add the following additional features for only $19.95

  • Delete files on rings chart
  • Duplicate files search
  • Criteria for comparison of files can be easily set up (file name, size, creation date, and content)
  • Check update automatically
  • Start from Explorer directly
  • Filter view
  • Leave a shortcut for deleted files
  • Provides a list of identical files so you can select which ones you want to delete
  • Exclude files based on file type, size, and location

download Disk Space Fan 4 Free

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