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Author: Brutal Developer
Date: 11/30/2020 09:22 PM
Size: 6.56 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 147637 times

Directory Monitor is designed for real-time monitoring of file changes, modifications, deletions, new files, and file access, all in real real-time.

You can optionally execute an application when a change occurs.

Directory Monitor Features:

  • Monitor directories for file changes, modifications, deletions, and new files in real-time.
  • Monitor local directories or network shares (including hidden shares).
  • Run as a Windows service.
  • Optionally execute an application when an event occurs.
  • Log the user on the network that made the changes.
  • Include/exclude filtering on files being monitored.
  • Quickly tell if a directory is available and being monitored.
  • Balloon notifications whenever an event is fired.
  • Auto updating, import/export and more.

The pro version includes the following additional features (prices start at $159.00):

  • Detect inactivity after a given period of time
  • Detect the user and application/process that made the changes
  • Run in the background as a Windows service
  • Snapshots to determine changes when offline
  • Run external applications or scripts hidden in the background
  • Command-line version to run from the console
  • Extend with your own custom plugins using the SDK
  • Send email messages when events occur
  • Advanced grid view for sorting, grouping, filtering and exporting to Excel
  • Advanced notifications with Growl
  • Write event data to a database (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • Play sounds when events occur

download Directory Monitor

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