download dBug 19.4.16

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Author: d7xTech
Size: 310 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 14186 times

dBug is a tiny utility that serves the same purpose as KillEmAll in Windows, to neutralize malware that prevents you from running anti-malware tools.

It does take a far different approach than KillEmAll working much faster. dBug can also be run from a WinPE environment, serving the same purpose as utils like HitmanPro Kickstarter.


dBug removes Windows auto-start entries and restricts executables from running in common malware hiding places, and then it restarts Windows. The idea is that the malware cannot load after a restart, and from there, you can use removal tools or processes to locate and remove the malware.


When malware has taken over Windows, run dBug.exe as many times as it takes for it to restart Windows. Once Windows begins a restart, you know that dBug has done its job.
Once Windows has restarted, the malware should not be running, and you have the opportunity to use removal tools and processes. Locate and remove the malware.
With the malware removed, run dBug_Undo.cmd in order to undo the changes made by dBug.exe, so other legitimate applications have the opportunity to function normally.

download dBug 19.4.16

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