download ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.3

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Author: Anders Rodland
Date: 11/16/2020 09:12 AM
Size: 3.40 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 9475 times

ConfigMgr Client Health detects and fixes known errors in Windows and the Configuration Manager Client and enforces required services to run and start as Automatic.

ConfigMgr Client Health identifies and fixes the following errors:

  • ConfigMgr client is not installed.
  • ConfigMgr client is assigned the correct site code.
  • ConfigMgr client is upgraded to the current version if not at a specified minimum version.
  • ConfigMgr client is not able to forward state messages to the management point.
  • ConfigMgr client stuck in provisioning mode.
  • ConfigMgr client cache size. Set fixed size (MB) or percentage of the disk.
  • ConfigMgr client maximum log file size and log history files.
  • ConfigMgr client certificate. Checks for a specific error and fixes it.
  • Corrupt WMI.
  • DNS server record matches local IPs
  • Drivers – Reports faulty or missing drivers on the client.
  • Services for ConfigMgr client is not running or disabled.
  • Other services can be specified to start and run and a specific state.
  • Pending reboot check
  • A user-friendly reboot of computers with 3rd party reboot app when in a pending reboot or computer uptime is more than specified in config.
  • Windows Update Agent not working correctly, causing client not to receive patches.
  • Windows Update Agent missing patches that fix known bugs.This tool should be placed on a network share available to all clients where everyone has read access, and only administrators will have write access.

    This tool is for advanced users and server admins. Documentation is available here.

download ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.3

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