download CobraTek WiFi Manager

Author: CobraTek
Date: 11/07/2020 11:44 PM
Size: 36.4 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 26848 times

CobraTek WiFi Manager, simply stated, will allow you to manage different aspects of your Wi-Fi network.

It allows for the scanning of passwords, connection to the access point (AP), provides for the creation of a managed network, and can handle multiple wireless profiles. You have a simple GUI that contains a lot of details, including Signal Strength, Connection Type, Mode, Time Counters, Security, and more.

CobraTek WiFi Manager contains an extensive database (130,000 passwords) and provides users with a handy map location search function for easy location details. You can also synchronize databases between other users.

download CobraTek WiFi Manager

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