download Cleanmgr+ 1.37.1170

Author: Builtbybel
Date: 01/07/2021
Size: 232 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8
Downloads: 69402 times

Cleanmgr+ is a portable freeware app that builds upon the Microsoft Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) by adding additional features and deleting more junk than the Disk Clean-up Tool.

Disk Cleanup isn’t immediately disappearing from your machine, but it is nearing its shelf life as far as Microsoft is concerned. It can still be used by right-clicking a drive, selecting Properties, and then click the Disk Cleanup button to launch it. And it still works the same way on Windows 10 today. You can also launch it from the Start menu or run the cleanmgr.exe program. But it was deprecated with the October 2018 update. This fact means that it has been replaced by a new tool. Windows 10 version 1803 came up with the Storage Sense functionality, and it works relatively the same as the Disk Cleanup Tool. The downside of Storage Sense is its massive UI. This size is why Builtbybel (formerly Mirinsoft) decided to make Cleanmgr+ to circumvent that extensive UI of Storage Sense but still provide a utility that is true to the original.

Cleanmgr+ features a slim and modern UI with an additional feature set (hence the +), such as the feeding with Custom scripts, i.e., to clean a Browser cache, etc. There are many Disk Cleaner utilities out there, but the goal was to create a tool that uses Windows’ resources, ensuring that only system-compliant actions are performed.

Extract Cleanmgr+ to a folder, create a shortcut wherever you like, and launch it directly anytime.

Cleanmrg+ does an excellent job of recreating the classic Disk Cleanup tool feel and function with all its features quickly, allowing users to remove files that are no longer needed or that can be safely deleted.

download Cleanmgr+ 1.37.1170

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