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Author: Zhorn Software
Date: 04/10/2021
Size: 305 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 19731 times

Caffeine is a small tool designed to prevent your PC from locking or going to sleep.

It prevents PC sleeping/locking by simulating that you’ve released the F15 key once every 59 seconds by default. You can easily enable/disable Caffeine as well as setting time periods for activity or inactivity. Double-clicking the systray icon empties the coffee pot (that’s what the icon is) and temporarily disables the program.

Caffeine is a useful tool when the need to keep your PC awake or unlocked arises, and using it via the systray in the perfect manner for those that may be a little less experienced. Still, it can be utilized via the command line, which advanced users will appreciate.

Since Caffeine operates by default at 59-second intervals, you will be able to alter this behavior via command-line switches:

  • xx – where xx is a number that sets the number of seconds between simulated keypresses. This must be the first text on the command line
  • startoff – application starts disabled.
  • exitafter: xx – application will terminate after xx minutes
  • activefor: xx – application will become inactive after xx minutes
  • inactivefor: xx – application will become active after xx minutes
  • appexit – terminates current running instance of an application
  • appon – makes the currently running instance of the application active
  • appoff – makes the currently running instance of the application inactive
  • apptoggle – toggles the running state of the currently running instance of the application
  • apptoggleshowdlg – toggles the running state and shows the dialog
  • replace – closes the currently running instance, replacing it
  • noicon – does not show a task tray icon
  • useshift – simulate the shift key instead of F15
  • showdlg – shows a dialog indicating whether caffeine is active
  • ontaskbar – show a taskbar button (use with -showdlg)
  • allowss – prevent sleep, but allow the screensaver to start
  • keypress – simulate a full keypress, not just a key up event

download Caffeine 1.97

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