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Author: Nikolas Marinos Fragkos‬
Date: 01/13/2021
Size: 139 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
Downloads: 309 times

BrowserSelector allows you to assign a browser for the opening of specific links dynamically.

Instead of choosing one specific browser to open links, etc., which in itself is simple to do. But what happens when you prefer Firefox for this and Chrome for that? Then changing up is time-consuming. With BrowserSelector, you can choose your preferred browser for certain things eliminating unnecessary steps like opening a new browser and then copying/pasting a link there, for instance.

BrowserSelector becomes the default browser and includes your actual browsers of choice (installed or added). You can provide custom URL parameters for the specific browser, and you can also enter simple rules to automatically select the browser depending on the URL string. It also allows you to select the browser depending on the URL string and export/import app configuration. Since it acts as the default browser, you will need to set it as such. Directions below:

Click the Settings link on the upper right corner of the BrowserSelector UI, click the Make Default button, and follow the instructions to make BrowserSelector the default browser for it to show up when clicking links in applications.
Add your browsers to the Browser List.

BrowserSelector makes the selection of job-specific browsers a little easier with fewer steps to allow for a more streamlined process.

download BrowserSelector

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