download BrowserDownloadsView 1.32

Author: NirSoft
Date: 01/15/2021
Size: 232 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 5303 times

BrowserDownloadsView is a free tool for displaying the details of files downloaded from Chrome and Firefox.

For every download, you will be able to view the following details: Filename, Download URL, Web Page URL, Start Time, End Time, Download Duration, Download Size, Web Browser, and more.

BrowserDownloadsView allows you to quickly load the downloads list from your system (either your user or all user profiles), from a remote computer on your network, or an external hard drive. After BrowserDownloadsView loads the downloads list, it allows you to choose one or more downloads and then export them to comma-delimited/tab-delimited/html5/XML/JSON file. It also permits you to calculate the MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512 hash of the downloaded files.

download BrowserDownloadsView 1.32

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