download BrokenMouse 1.0.0

Author: Broken Event
Date: 06/06/2020 07:19 PM
Size: 503 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 146 times

BrokenMouse provides you with a mouse cursor clipper suitable for old games as well as other fullscreen apps being run on multimonitor systems.

This little app will help with older games like strategy or other games that use map scrolling. Often, they present issues on multimonitor configurations. This point means that if you move your mouse to the edge of your primary gameplay screen, the cursor winds up jumping to your secondary monitor rather than stopping at the border. In that example, if you click the game, it will get minimized. BrokenMouse is developed to overcome that issue.

It can also allow you to disable WinKey which if you play keyboard controlled games then you know how annoying accidentally hitting the WinKey can be in the middle of your game.

BrokenMouse includes two modes:

  • Automatically detect a fullscreen application and clip the mouse inside of the screen where the application window is shown
  • Manual mode (with support for a global hotkey) for cases when the first mode is not applicable. You can select the monitor for manual clipping

    BrokenMouse Features:

  • Clip mouse cursor for fullscreen application
  • Automatic or manual enabling of mouse clipping
  • Tracking the screen resolution for clipping purposes
  • (optional) Disable Windows key when clipping is on



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