download BDtoAVCHD 2.9.8

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Author: Joel Galí
Date: 02/23/2021
Size: 36.8 MB
License: Ad-Supported
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 107239 time

Create AVCHD discs easily from Blu-Ray or HD MKV files using BDtoAVCHD.

This software will compress the video down to the maximum 4.7GB or 8.5GB size while still retaining the highest quality making it perfect when getting ready to burn to a DVD5 or DVD9.

The AVCHD format allows playback the same type of content that a Blu-Ray and holding high definition (1080p) but on DVD5 or DVD9 media. It is ideal for backing up Blu-Ray with much smaller size and maintaining high quality.

BDtoAVCHD was purpose created to show how easy, simple and quick it is to obtain the best possible quality in a DVD5 media allowing you to avoid unnecessary conversions as well as the need for any codec installed such as AviSynth, ffdshow or Haali media splitter.

The recorded discs obtained are compatible with almost any Blu-Ray player and PS3. Also, can convert Blu-Ray to MKV and Blu-Ray 3D to MKV 3D SBS (side-by-side).

Offers third-party apps during installation.

download BDtoAVCHD 2.9.8

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