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Author: Anand Kr Gupta
Date: 01/11/2021
Size: 404 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 36 times

Battery Icons provides a way to customize your laptop’s battery percentage icon with the ones provided with this app or find and use your own.

Not only can you change up your icon, but Battery Icons also provides a handy popup notification to make sure you know your battery is charged so you can unplug and avoid overcharging. It also provides the same notification when battery power falls below 25%, so you can start charging again. This notification is annoying, and it is meant to be – it follows your mouse pointer until you take action.

Battery Icons can make the battery icon more visible, as the default is white and plain, making it hard to see for some users. Enjoy a little customization for your laptop with the added benefit of notification to always ensure your laptop is sufficiently charged. This app will come in handy for all those people and students working from home.

Battery Icons Features:

  • Colorful tray battery icons
  • Select battery icons for battery level up to 25,50,75 and 100%
  • Flash battery icon when battery level less than or equal to 25%
  • Show tool-tip at cursor position when battery level less than 25%
  • Show tool-tip at cursor position when the battery is fully charged

Editor’s Note:
Zip password is abc123

download Battery Icons 1.5.2

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