download Basic Hardware Inventory 7.07

Author: Rob Van Der Woude
Date: 03/10/2021
Size: 49.8 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 506 times

Basic Hardware Inventory provides you with just that; the basic details about your CPU, CD-ROM, hard disk, memory, monitor, sound, and BIOS for WMI enabled network computers.

This portable app helps to quickly compile info about various hardware on your WMI enabled machines. You can enter the IP address of the network machine. The interface is set up with details for each item with a corresponding checkbox. If you only want a limited inventory, deselect the components to skip by deselecting the appropriate checkboxes at the left. You can also use the “Basic” button at the top (Alt+B/Alt+F keyboard shortcut) to toggle between a basic (CPUs, memory, and harddisks) and full inventory.

Once the desired data has been successfully compiled, Basic Hardware Inventory allows you to copy it to the clipboard for use elsewhere. During tests, we found it worked better running as admin; however, it isn’t essential. Unless you started the HTA with the optional /NOADMIN command-line switch, the HTA will prompt you when running without elevated privileges. Clicking Yes will restart the HTA with elevated privileges.

Basic Hardware Inventory is a straightforward option to compile hardware info for WMI enabled network computers. The fact that it is portable makes it a useful asset to have in your toolbox.

download Basic Hardware Inventory 7.07

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