download AVG Remover 20.4.5312

Author: AVG Technologies
Date: 06/26/2020 04:37 PM
Size: 7.62 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 137204 times

AVG Remover (formerly AVG Clear) completely deletes everything from your current AVG installation including registry items, installation files, user files, etc.

AVG Remover is provided by AVG and is the last resort to use if you have a problem removing your current AVG whether it’s a failed repair, reinstall, or complete removal.

Please keep in mind that all AVG user settings will be removed after the uninstall process is complete. Items to be removed include content from the Virus Vault and all other items related to AVG installation and use.

You will need to restart your computer once you’re finished so be sure to complete your work and save all relevant data before launching AVG Remover.

Other apps already exist that can do this including IObit, Revo, and Wise. We recommend using one of those unless AVG support asked you to use this. Finally, AVG Remover is one of those tools most techs will want on hand for that one time you need it.


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