Deskman 7.0.6922

Author: Anfibia
Date: 12/17/2018 04:44 PM
Size: 9.77 MB
License: Shareware $49.00+
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 37074 times

Deskman is an advanced desktop security tool for administrators and power users.

Deskman Features:

Computer Usage Restrictions

  • Desktop restrictions
  • Start Menu restrictions, configuration
  • Internet Explorer restrictions
  • Control Panel restriction
  • Taskbar restrictions
  • Windows Explorer restrictions

    Advanced Desktop Security

  • Drive access protection
  • Disable USB drives
  • Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Disable Alt-F4
  • Disable all Winkeys
  • Disable Task Manager hotkey
  • Disable any key combination
  • Disable any mouse button
  • Disable cut, copy, paste
  • Kiosk Mode

    Freeze! Running Applications

  • Capture running programs and make sure no other applications are used
  • Notification of restricted programs.

    Safe Start Menu

  • Build a safe Start Menu
  • Hide the original Start Menu

    Autorun Options

  • Add new entries
  • Block new entries
  • Enforce programs: make sure a critical program will be always running.

    Desktop Lock

  • One-button desktop protection
  • Maintain desktop icons in the same position
  • Restrict changes to desktop icons
  • Remove unknown desktop icons

    Security Profiles

  • Defaulft profile: No Restrictions
  • Defaulft profile: Basic Protection
  • Defaulft profile: Limited Access
  • Defaulft profile: Advanced Protection
  • Defaulft profile: Internet Explorer Protection
  • Defaulft profile: Kiosk Mode
  • Add your own profiles

    Advanced Setup

  • Web interface
  • User exceptions
  • Autologon
  • Silent installation available
  • User profiles for fast deployment
  • Import, export data file for fast deployment, backup
  • Tight hotkey and password security system

    30-Day Trial

Deskman 7.0.6922 download


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