Cryptomator 1.4.5 / 1.3.4

Author: Cryptomator
Date: 02/18/2019 08:20 AM
Size: 34.8 MB+
License: Open Source
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 11241 times

Cryptomator provides you with easy-to-implement file encryption tool that can be used for the cloud as well as locally ensuring the security of your files.

While using this file encryption tool, you’ll get the benefit of strong AES encryption for use when creating or saving files to Google Drive, Dropbox or a location defined by you. Cryptomator makes the whole process easy – simply select a file, choose the location as well as a passphrase and it’s complete – easy as that.

Cryptomator provides transparent encryption, unlike similar products, you will not need to change your work habits or learn new workflows – just keep working with your files as you always have.

Cryptomator 1.4.5 / 1.3.4 download

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