BitMart Restorer Ultimate Data Recovery 7.8 Build 708689

Author: bitMart Inc.
Date: 03/22/2013 09:23 AM
Size: 18.7 MB
License: Shareware $29.99
Requires: Win 8/ Win 7/ Vista/ 03 /XP
Downloads: 29624 times

Restorer Ultimate takes data recovery technology that’s powerful enough for professionals and makes it easy-to-use for the everyday user. By building an intuitive front end onto our flagship data recovery suite, we’ve made Restorer Ultimate the ideal all-in-one tool for quick undelete operations as well as advanced file recovery, RAID recovery, disk imaging, and data recovery over network. Whether you’re a home user, entrepreneur or a professional, Restorer Ultimate will dramatically increase your data recovery capabilities without breaking your budget.
Restorer Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for:

Do-it-yourself file recovery:
Easily “undelete” documents, photos, videos, and other files from a memory card, internal hard drive, USB drive or network drive. The step-by-step wizard interface lets users of any skill level undelete lost files with the click of a button.

Corporate data recovery:
A must-have data recovery tool for system administrators. Combines all necessary data recovery features like RAW file search with customizable file signatures, a RAID reconstruction module, and network data recovery. Restorer Ultimate can even recover data over the Internet, making it extremely helpful for technicians serving several locations.

Professional data recovery:
Restorer Ultimate converts any laptop or computer into a powerful data recovery station. Whether you’re working in-house, in the field, or remotely, you’ll have all necessary professional data recovery features, including disk imaging, a text/hexadecimal editor, and even data recovery over the Internet. Restore Ultimate also includes the Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine, which allows you to recover files from unbootable computers over a network, even if the system disk has failed or the operating system has been corrupted.

BitMart Restorer Ultimate Data Recovery 7.8 Build 708689 download

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