ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio 2.14

Author: Steinberg Media Technologies
Date: 05/24/2017 10:07 PM
Size: 451 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 6743 times

ASIO4ALL is a hardware independent low latency ASIO driver for WDM audio devices.

It uses WDM Kernel-Streaming and sometimes even more sophisticated methods to achieve its objectives.

In order to successfully run ASIO4ALL, you need a WDM-driver for your audio hardware and a little bit of luck. This was originally developed to try and get ASIO support for the AC97 on the author’s laptop and has since become very popular.

To understand what ASIO4ALL does is one thing, but here’s what it will not do to avoid any confusion.

It will not replace your existing sound card drivers or mess with them in any way, install any kernel mode components that could potentially affect the stability of your system and it will not overclock, or do anything that might void your hardware warranty assuming that ASIO4ALL is not on the vendor’s list of unapproved programs.

To get started, you need to configure your audio software accordingly. How you would do this depends on your particular software application. Generally, you would always enter the audio configuration menu and select ASIO -> ASIO4ALL v2.

There now should be a button to launch the ASIO control panel. How this button is labeled depends on your particular software. Once you press this button, the ASIO4ALL control panel should appear. Please consult the manual of your audio software for further assistance, if necessary.

Links are provided after installation of ASIO4ALL to the manual on the official website and as a PDF on your desktop.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio 2.14 download

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