32bit Web Browser 19.11.01

Author: Jon Krahmer
Date: 11/06/2019 08:11 AM
Size: 1.0 MB
License: Shareware $19.00
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 61348 times

32bit Web Browser is a fast easy-to-use web browser that takes up little hard drive space and loads fast too.

It has features not found in other web browsers, such as Smart Bookmarks with many searching options. It also remembers what you like. Import Netscape bookmarks and Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites into the 32bit Web Browser Smart Bookmarks.

32bit Web Browser is a program that allows you to navigate over the internet.

The four options for handling New Web Browser Windows let you suppress annoying pop-up windows full of advertisement or other unwanted information. There are four lists of URLs; each reacts to the internal [New Web Browser Windows] command in a different way.

If you add a URL to one of these group lists, it will react like that lists definition, instead of using the selected default [New Web Browser Windows] command. Browse the World Wide Web the easy, fast, and fun way.

32bit Web Browser Features:

  • Four default options for handling New Web Browser Windows
  • Four selected group lists options for handling New Web Browser Windows
  • Import bookmark.htm from Netscape and Favorites from Internet Explorer
  • History of the last 1000 sites visited
  • 5 options for docking bookmarks window
  • Easily organize bookmarks
  • Help system

    In the demo version you cannot change the startup page.


32bit Web Browser 19.11.01 download

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